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This project is a social, cultural, sports & recreational information hub for our whole community. This project has helped “link” Cramahe Community Groups with each other, through representation in the Steering Committee and with the 24/7 availability of timeline events information and human and physical assets, available within and outside the Township – accessible through the website – . This project helps resolve possible future differences between groups, through the highlighting of “date or theme conflicts” in relation to community event dates or duplicate project concepts.  Our community groups work in greater partnership and understanding through the Link Cramahe project and this is to the advantage of the whole community.  It is recognized that this is an evolving project and through the regular monthly meetings of the steering committee, this project can change with the changing needs of our community.

The History behind Link Cramahe


Mary Norton, Chair - Cramahe Library CEO

Lenna Broatch - Cramahe Horticultural Society/Salem Valley Quilters

Maretta Riley - Community Care Northumberland

Jim Detenbeck - Heritage Committee

Lee Clement - Rotary Club of Colborne

Patti May - Colborne Legion
Sherrill  Richmond - Lions Club

Lorelyn Morgan - Colborne Art Gallery/Cramahe Township Public Library Board

Felicity Sidnell Reid - Northumberland Hills Arts Association

Lianne Snow - Member at Large

Link Cramahe Steering Committee Origins:

 Cramahe Township Public Library Board CEO applied for and was awarded a $3,000 grant from the Ontario Government in December 2014. The Library CEO then commissioned and met with the T-R Group Consultancy Firm from Peterborough to facilitate a “Focus Group” meeting on Friday February 27th, 2015.  The Objective was a “community brainstorming” event, to create a questionnaire to capture a snap-shot of seniors cultural, recreational and leisure services in Cramahe.


Specifically the questionnaire had two purposes:

- Gauge what’s important to users

- Gather data for better planning for community events


Over 25 community groups from Cramahe Township were represented at that Focus Group meeting with over 40 people in attendance. A Questionnaire was created by the consultants based on the findings from this Focus Group meeting. The intent of the grant obligations was to aim for “194” response rate for the Questionnaires.  With the active and energetic support of local seniors the actual response was “279”.  Of this, 28.7% of the 971 senior’s cohort responded and a random sampling of other age groups was also included in these responses.   The time frame was very limited and it had to be completed in three weeks! The Questionnaire focused on programs and Services, community events, satisfaction levels, improving a senior friendly community, and priorities moving forward.


Survey Responses:

Under 18                 4

27-40                         7

41-55                       41

56-65                       85

66-75                     111

Over 76                   29


The T-R Group produced an analysis from these ‘279’ responses and a report was displayed on the Library Website (still available) entitled “Cramahe Seniors Cultural & Recreational Needs Assessment Project Official report”. A subsequent focus group meeting to determine key next steps was then called for October 1st, 2015.  It was again facilitated by the T-R Group and the following groups were represented:


- Township Councilors x 2

- Township Clerk

- Apple Blossom Festival Committee

- Colborne & District Rotary Club

- Cramahe Horticultural Society

- Salem Valley Quilters

- Spirit of the Hills Art Group

- Colborne Legion

- Community Care

- Music in the Square Committee

- Colborne Art Gallery

- Library Board

- Probus

- Heritage Cramahe

- Lions Club

- Local artists with an artistic focus


This Group focused on the following:


Task 1:- Brainstorming ways of improving: planning, scheduling and communicating programs and services to the community

Task 2:- Brainstorming a list of tasks that a program Coordinator would be responsible for.

Task 3:  Brainstorming a list of new or revitalized activities that might contribute to enhance physical/mental activities for community members (seniors as a cohort BUT also linking into other age groups)

Task 4: Brainstorming a list of ways we can commit and sustain our long-term planning through vision creation and next steps


The T-R group again produced an analysis report based on this Focus Group meeting.   One of the main recommendations to come from this report was that a community represented Steering Committee should be created to determine next steps as a result of the information gained from the above working groups and activities. On the 28th October 2015 the Link Cramahe Steering Committee was created.


This committee’s goal has been purely as the project title implies, linking Cramahe’s social, cultural, sports, recreational and service groups together to harness assets, support each other and encourage youth to join.  The project is both human and electronic, overseen by the committee, with a dedicated electronic website Link Cramahe, one-site to recognize local assets, soft and hard, human and physical (volunteers), to assist our local community groups whenever and wherever needed within our community.  Our Council did not have the funds or the necessary Township staff time to carry out what our community service, volunteer and cultural-recreational clubs had identified as needed (through Link Cramahe).  Our Municipal Council however, was prepared to partner with us by creating a working environment (office space, telephone etc) for our project coordinator and this office space has been located at our local Municipal Sports/Recreational Arena – the Keeler Centre. This space has been provided on the basis that Link Cramahe could find sponsorship for a Link Cramahe Coordinator position.  Our Library CEO applied for and succeeded in being awarded a grant from the Ministry of Advanced Education & Skills Development (formerly Ministry of Training, Colleges & Universities).  This grant was for six months from July 2016 - Jan 2017.  On appealing to the Ministry to help continue the objective of a twelve month timeline the same Ministry awarded a second grant from Jan 2017 - July 2017. In July 2016 the Committee recruited a coordinator for twelve months and the project that is Link Cramahe commenced: - see website:



Through hiring a Link Cramahe Coordinator over a designated time frame of 12 months we have achieved the following:


• Design and create an information website for the community of Cramahe –

• Identify public/community events to create, maintain and update an annual calendar events community.

• Identify and list all the different community stakeholders and determine a plan for communication with all community stakeholders with regard to culture, recreation/services

• Create and maintain a Community Skills Bank List

• Create and maintain an information bank of “hard” and “soft” community assets
• Communication as a Coordinator for Link Cramahe

• Inform residents of existing services and events within the community (Cultural & Recreational)

• Identify bottlenecks and poor communication issues

• Bring ideas forward to improve communication of events and services within the community

• Create & maintain a simple and accessible website for Link Cramahe reflecting all this information

• Publicize and Promote “Link Cramahe” using all appropriate media and other formats for promotion and communication

• Recognize and highlight date conflicts and inform, bring to the attention of Link Cramahe

• Encourage increased recruitment for community groups

• Source and generate a list of funding programs/ opportunities

• Attend regular Link Cramahe meetings and take minutes

• Identify and encourage development of new activities for the greater benefit of the whole community

Link Cramahe

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